Saturday, July 11, 2009

Rendering Check List

Here's a list of all things you need to look at before a large rendering or animation.

  1. Make sure your file's been saved.
  2. If you're rendering an animation, make sure you've cached all your fluids and particles.
  3. If you're rendering on a network, all the source files must be in place.
  4. All the render layers that are needed, set up.
  5. Are all the lights on?
  6. Is motion blur going to be needed?
  7. Make sure that ray trace is checked.
  8. Is the correct camera(s) selected for the rendering?
  9. Rendering with the right rendering software?
  10. Is the file resolution set correctly?
  11. 11. Is the render file(s) going to the right directory?
  12. 12. Are the start and end rendered frames set correctly?

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